Request Sample

Request Sample

Request a sample by contacting a Fibre2EU team member and see how we can help you achieve your project needs.

Try Before You Buy

Try out our products before purchase

Try, test, and experience our products. See the products in actual usage, and experience their superior quality, and efficient packaging before purchasing.

Clarify your project needs

By experiencing the practical use of the products, you can get a feel of how they operate and see whether they fit your requirements or suit your solution needs.

Terms and Conditions of Sample Application

After you have submitted your request, Fibre2EU will give you a reply within 24 hours.

The sample is solely offered for a tryout, which is not free. After testing, you will need to either return it or make the payment for the product and keep it.

To get a sample, you need to sign or seal a sample application agreement (stating the details and prices of the product). Do note that for some products, you may need to place a deposit.

For the sample orders, shipping and delivery cost and additional charges in transit (e.g., the tariff for customs clearance) is at your expense.

The test period is 30 days from the receipt of goods. After 30 days, you can decide to pay for the product and keep it if you are satisfied or return it if it is not suitable.

We will conduct a comprehensive inspection upon receiving the returned goods. If the sample is found damaged, we may require a compensation of 80% of the product's value or forfeit the deposit.


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