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The data center room wiring system is composed of two parts: SAN network wiring system and network cabling system. In computer systems engineering, must respect the room within the wiring of unified planning and design, wiring bridge-routing must be integrated into the engine room and other kinds of pipeline, bridge, to ensure the implementation of the system is reasonable and orderly room. Datacenter cabling engineering with its flexibility, scalability to achieve redundant wiring management, the entire structured cabling system should be a comprehensive solution to avoid the emergence of a single point of failure.

It is adopted: plug and play, high density, scalable, pre-terminated cable system solutions, modular system management, and pre-termination assembly can reduce installation time, realize the data center fiber network faster-moving, add and change. The system can be used in a wide range of optical fiber products can be used in low loss optical fiber connector and bend-insensitive fiber (bending radius 7.5mm), to achieve a smaller backbone optical fiber attenuation and bending performance.

After several years of development, 40G Ethernet is now sweeping the world, 40G QSFP + optical module has become the rising star of the optical module market. 

2016 can be said to be a milestone in the 100G Ethernet, in this year, CXP, CFP, CFP2, CFP4, QSFP28 and other 100G optical modules emerge in endlessly in the market. 

Now, most of data centers are still deployed 10G Ethernet, and the development of optical module is from the larger XFP optical module gradually developed into the current mainstream SFP + optical module. 

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